Headhunter - Nomad

. Oct 8, 2008

Genre: Dubstep
Year: 2008
Label:Defcom Records
Who: Some Elusion from the UK. as usual.
Where: Bristol, England
Like: Making a band outa your edgy dishwasher and givin it a ragingly arousing beat to sooth it
Rating: 7/10

Compare to: Benga, Skream, Mala, Scuba, Burial, Distance

Headhunter has a fantastic name and some outstanding beats, but one down fall is you have to like dubstep to listen to him, unlike Burial who can attract basically anyone, but I don't think that was what he was going for anyways. All in all, Headhunter is like all the rest who you'd find spinning their somber sex beats in a dark alleyway for "those people" who would show, and well not for "those" who wouldn't. Nomad could for sure use a bit more vocal dub or any sort of dub, to be considered high quality dubstep(not that, that is the only qualification), but otherwise the album is just a chillingful easy listen.

Choice Tracks: Your Say, Physics Impulse, Protoype

1. Lifeform
2. Prototype
3. Technolopis
4. Grounded
6. Paradigm Shift
8. In Motion
9. Baseflow
10. Birks Range

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Telepathe - Dance Mother Fucker


Genre: Electronic, Experimental, Noise, Fluid
Year: 2008
Label: Social Registry (yeah thats right)
Who: Melissa and Ryan
Where: Brooklyn, NY
Like: Dandi Wind ate a vitamin and laid out on crystal clear blow up pool raft
Rating: 7/10

Compare to: Ponytail, Palms, Dandi Wind, Growing, Blood on the Wall, The Chap

Telepathe is definitely a duo that I would have placed along side those "others" on We Are Free, but I can see how they also definitely belong on Social Registry. That should be enough to describe them for you, but if its not then try smashing plates in a room full of mirrors wearing trance-idol clothes despite the fact that you don't play trance or even really like smashing plates in a room full of mirrors. You'd rather shout down a long hallway, wraped in oddly colored chords wearing a white floaty skirt, about how you should probably act more your age, but you don't and that's why your only friend is a gay male. Thats telepathe. I don't know, but I'm slightly partial for my own reasons. Oh they also seem like the exact band that would be favoured by that lankey space-cadet girl named Leanne on that show about fashion.

Choice Tracks: The Devil's Trident, Standing in Your Line, I Can't Stand It

2. Chrome's on it
3. You Ought to Know
6. God Is Watching

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In Norse mythology, there are two swans that drink from the sacred Well of Urd in the realm of Asgard, home of the gods. According to the Prose Edda, the water of this well is so pure and holy that all things that touch it turn white, including this original pair of swans and all others descended from them. The poem Volundarkvida, or the Lay of Volund, part of the Poetic Edda, also features swan maidens and are said to now reside in the Swan (Omega) Nebula.

The poetic Edda (Völundarkviða) relates the story of the artisan Völundr the Smith. In the poem, he is called "prince of the elves" or "wise one among the elves" (vísi álfa) and "one of the álfar" or "leader of álfar" (álfa ljóði). He is also mentioned as one of the three sons of the king of the Finns in the poem. His wife Hervor-Alvitr, a valkyrie, abandons him after nine years, and he is later captured by Níðuðr, a petty-king of Närke (Sweden) greedy for his gold. Völundr is hamstrung and put to work on an island making artifacts for the king. Eventually he finds means of revenge and escape. He kills Niðuðr's sons, impregnates his daughter and then flies away laughing.

In the night went men,
in studded corslets,
their shields glistened
in the waning moon.